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Before you undertake a remodeling project, you should always consult with a licensed electrician. Any large scale remodeling job is going to affect the wiring in your property. A professional can ensure that any work that touches or reconfigures the electrical system is done safely and effectively.

Even smaller remodeling jobs benefit from an expert’s touch. Remember, shoddy wiring work done today can have a serious negative impact on the safety and value of your property in the future.

Remodeling is always a great opportunity to arrange your residential or commercial property just the way you want it. Making sure you have a safe electrical system, convenient outlets, and beautiful lighting suited to your taste and needs should be an integral part of your plan.

Let Double S Electric LLC help you plan the electrical portion of your remodeling job.

We’ll assist you with:

Rewiring — Removing and reinstalling the wiring in buildings, particularly older ones, can be even more challenging than installing systems in new construction. Hire a pro to make sure that your old, dangerous wiring is completely removed and that your new wiring work is done safely and built to last.

New Lighting Installation — Don’t leave your remodeling job half done by ignoring the lights. Make sure your beautiful new kitchen or living area is complemented by the lighting arrangement it deserves. Our technicians will help design custom installations that will keep your home bright and beautiful.

Convenient Outlets and Appliance Hookups — When you remodel your home, don’t skimp on the little details that could make your life easier. Make sure you have that extra electrical outlet you’ve always wanted on the kitchen counter. Move the washer/dryer hookup closer to the garage and away from the bedroom wall. Put that new ceiling fan in the den. Double S Electric LLC can personalize your electrical system to maximize the comfort of your home.

Remodeling will always be a challenge, and the multiple contractors involved can make your head spin. It’s important to make sure a professional electrician takes part in the project.

The technicians at Double S Electric LLC make it their goal to provide you with fast, responsive service to help the process of remodeling go more smoothly. Call and talk to us about your project today!